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Introducing August K9

Incredible companionship meets unbeatable training.

Meet the best protection dogs for your home and family.
Let’s face it – dogs are awesome. They’re called man’s best friend for a reason.
We’re here to take canine companionship to the next level.

From personal and family protection to specialized security, our dogs undergo the most elite training in the world to ensure they are as quick to obey simple commands as they are to charge an intruder.
This industry-leading training also ensures that they can be just like any other dog; go for walks, play fetch, be perfectly approachable under normal circumstances, and most importantly – be completely trusted with children and other pets.

Do you require a dog with specific training? We can do that.
Already have a dog that you’d like the best training for? We can help with that too.

About Our Dogs

The ultimate in canine protection!

We believe that the best protection dogs are as loyal and safe around your family as they are quick to defend against a threat.
We understand that not everyone has the same requirements when it comes to their dogs which is why we ensure that each dog is carefully matched with their prospective owners.
A common misconception is that protection dogs are scary. Unless you are a threat this couldn’t be further from the truth! Our dogs are trained to be very family friendly and we ensure they are safe with other pets as well!
Our dogs are world-class and all come from championship bloodlines.


The Best Training

Our dogs receive the same elite training that is used for police, military, and special forces canines. Countless potential scenario are taken into consideration throughout the training process.

Family Friendly Protection

All of our dogs are trained with families in mind. Not only are our dogs committed to protecting you and your loved ones, we also ensure they get along well with any other furry family members!


Whether you are looking for a family-friendly dog capable of fending off any would-be threats or you require a dog for specialized security, we can match the perfect dog for any need.


Want to learn more about what we can offer? Send us a message and we would be happy to chat!

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Please contact us at (250) 860-0444 or visit us at 884 McCurdy Place for more information!

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